February and Beyond

Last night at Treehouse we culminated Black History Month with a community wide celebration filled with amazing performances that will live in the annals of Treehouse history for a long time!

For the past couple of months a committee called “February and Beyond”, made up of our young people and adults, met on a regular basis to create a celebration to honor the lives of African Americans who inspire us to bridge our country’s ethnic divides every day of the year.

From the moment the WELCOME! sign was unfurled, there was appreciation and excitement in the room. One by one our children took the stage. They filled us with pride as they read poems, shared quotes, sang Gospel songs, performed pantomimes, and played the guitar while singing songs they had written. In between their acts, we were moved by adults who sang beautiful renditions of their favorites and shared pieces of black history that inspired them in their daily lives.

It was an evening when the rich diversity of our community was recognized, honored, and held up high for all to see. It was an evening showcasing thoughtfulness, respect, and talent. It was an evening that brought together the young and the young at heart. It was an evening when our children were told, “You are the future!” and then shown that the adults in their lives are standing shoulder to shoulder to cheer them forward in the best ways possible.

Community building has been the primary focus of Treehouse for the past year and a half. As we get to know one another we strive to honor our diversity of race, class, age, and culture. We work together to value the diversity of ideas, talents, and passions in our midst.

Last night we had an opportunity to share new facets of ourselves and to learn more about one another – our hopes, dreams, talents, and passions. We also learned more about what we have in common. As I sat in the audience, drinking in each performance, I felt a profound sense of integrity in the room. I was reminded of the quote, “It does not matter what lies behind us or what lies before us. What matters lies within us.” As I drove home, I felt such gratitude for the opportunity to once again bless each other’s lives and honor the sacred within us all.


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