Summer’s Here


Memorial Day in New England means a season change. It signals the beginning of summer, the season of outdoor celebration that promptly ends on Labor Day. Since it is such a short and pleasurable time of year people make the most of it.

After the long winter, it is always wonderful to see people outside using bikes, boats, pools, beaches, and local parks. Grills are lit, picnics packed, and sunscreen slathered on extra thick for summer protection.

In New England people head north to Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, south to the Cape, east to the beaches, and west to the Berkshires. It doesn’t matter which direction you head in, you will find summer fun wherever you go. Folks stuck in Boston hop on ferries to visit the Harbor Islands or head over to Castle Island.

Summer is garden season as well. Time to plant, tend, and harvest. At Treehouse our Community Garden is undergoing a transition And we are all delighted with the changes. Thanks to the support of some visionary funders, Treehouse community members of all ages have begun to dig, plant, sow, and water. Guided by our good friend and teacher, Hope Guardenier, our collective vision is becoming reality.

Newly built raised beds allow friends and neighbors in wheelchairs to actively participate in all Treehouse gardening activities. Last week a group of kids and adults filled the raised beds with compost and soil and built 2 gourd structures. They look like tipis without fabric. Each day something new and exciting takes place.

The Treehouse Community Garden is a real gift – a place of healing, learning, sharing, and gathering. You can feel its positive energy as you walk across the meadow toward the line of festive scarecrows. Mt. Tom rises in the background making an impressive backdrop. There are folks seated at the garden table chatting. There are community members of all ages participating in today’s garden activity: kids and adults sitting on the grass making garden flags, teens eating watermelon, Hope with her beautiful baby strapped to her chest raking the soil in one of the newly filled raised beds.

We can’t wait for our friends, Mary Beth and Gram, to come back from Florida and join our garden adventure. Mary Beth is known for taking what the garden provides and teaching us how to prepare it in new and exciting ways. Last summer our community kitchen was filled with kids and adults working side by side, preparing delicious samples for everyone to try. Mary Beth moved gracefully from kitchen to table offering us new possibilities – baked sweet potato fries, scrumptious salads, delicious soups.

Our Treehouse garden is a place of growth and possibilities. A space where we can all flourish over the summer and meet up in the fall for our annual Soup Off! Here’s to Memorial Day, summer, and the good people at Treehouse. May we enjoy this season and one another in the best ways possible!


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