We Are Family

Shrieks of laughter!


Roasting hot dogs over a camp fire

Morning wake-up dances

Lots of singing

Face painting

Balloon hats

Decorating birthday cupcakes

Designing sibling pillows

Harvey and Tyler in the Dunk Tank

Cotton candy


Bus trips to Topsy’s

Water volleyball

Bouncing on the Rave

Arthur’s evening slide shows

Taking pictures

Making scrapbooks


Our fourth season of Camp To Belong MA just came to a close… Joy and laughter filled the Berkshire air all week long as the campers played together in the pools, lake, riding ring and on the trapeze, banana boats and climbing wall.


85 sisters and brothers spent fun-filled days together creating shared memories. 45 outstanding volunteers, ages 20 – 64, generously gave the kids

their all from sun up to sun down. We experienced the best kind of connection – at camp, between generations, with friends and family members who truly care about one another.


Most Americans think there are only two ways they can support children who experience foster care: by becoming a foster or adoptive parent. This great

summer sibling connection program and our stellar volunteers of all ages demonstrate a new way to become engaged. They show us innovative options that support kids experiencing foster care in very meaningful ways.


Check out the photos!  Watch the slide show. We are re-thinking and re-envisioning America’s engagement possibilities. Now that this season of camp is over and we are heading into fall, we are planning our monthly year-round program, Sibling Sundays. We’ve got a larger group of volunteers, great ideas, and committed partners with us as we enter the new year.


Stay tuned! We’ll continue sharing our learning and Arthur Pollock’s beautiful photos with you as the year progresses!



One response to “We Are Family

  1. Applauding all the great work you do!!
    I work with foster kids in DC – way to go.

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