The Power of Partnership


It’s been a busy fall. We put the Treehouse Community Garden to bed, Hope and her team of Garden Keepers went apple picking, made homemade applesauce and built new garden benches. We celebrated our second birthday with a fiesta and community dinner. A sock hop is in the works.
Our days are full of new programs, great opportunities, and caring connections. Life on Treehouse Circle is buzzing with opportunities. On Tuesdays and Thursdays people are gathering for our the Treehouse Arts and Learning Project – a fabulous new program made possible by the generosity of one woman. It’s a perfect example of the kind of magic that happens when donors come together at Treehouse to think out of the foster care box. Just like we experienced in the garden this past spring!
One hot summer morning, I received a phone call from a friend of Treehouse. She said she had an idea. She wanted to support learning at Treehouse; to inspire and motivate kids to learn through the arts and drama. We were thrilled with the idea. She chose two outstanding partners for us: Snow Farm and the Enchanted Circle Theatre. An experienced teacher with a love of kids was hired. Resident Artists were lined up. Kids and families attended an Orientation. We had a blast! I knew this program was going to be really special.
Now 5th – 9th graders living at Treehouse are thoroughly enjoying themselves twice a week as they actively experience the arts. Thanks to the vision of one amazing funder a new program is being piloted. Evaluations are in process. Parents, Treehouse staff, and elders have joined in the fun. It’s definitely a win-win-win. We are seeking funding to help the program evolve. Adults and kids are definitely learning.
The first session of the ALP, our theme is “I”. The winter session will move outward and focus on “We”. The spring session will take the kids outward to “Community” and we’ll visit Snow Farm and observe artists at work in their studios as well as give the kids opportunities to explore arts of their choice. The Grand Finale: A play that the kids will write and perform on a stage out in the community.
Watching the kids being exposed to poetry, photography, drawing and journal writing over the past few weeks, while becoming better acquainted with themselves, is a gift that comes to Treehouse thanks to the goodness of one person who believes in our mission. The excitement that happens on Tuesdays and Thursdays comes to Treehouse through the power of partnership. Support and partnership – two essential ingredients to the success of our collaborative Treehouse Approach!


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