Happy Holly Daze!

For almost 20 years I spent the month of December in my toy stores, listening to the latest Hanukkah and Christmas tunes while chatting with customers and wrapping beautiful gifts. Some days I would wrap for 8 hours straight. My big kids grew up in the stores and I carried my little one around in a Baby Bjorn carrier when she was 6 months old. What a great place to raise kids!

Every Christmas Eve, while my husband and kids engaged in an annual Yankee Swap at a friend’s house, I put on my favorite music and wandered around the store, carefully choosing toys for my kids and then slowly wrapping them. Some people love hanging out in kitchens creating fabulous meals. I loved hanging out in my toy stores, surrounded by beautiful toys, stuffed animals and dress up clothes creating a shopping experience!

These days, while fundraising 24/7, I find myself wishing that the lovely customer who showed up every year on Christmas Eve with a shoe box full of cash would appear at my door like the Millionaire and wish me a Merry Christmas. Or, that I would win tonight’s Mass Millions prize. I bought some tickets just in case she doesn’t show up…


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