Double Digits


Remember turning 10? I do! Double digits…

Tomorrow is my youngest daughter’s birthday and we started celebrating early so we can make sure to include every family member possible.

This celebration started in August at Camp To Belong MA at our camp wide birthday party with her big brother. It resumed in November when we went to Bugaboo’s with her big sister. Kissing the moose has become an annual tradition!

Last week at Sibling Sunday we paid homage to everyone who has a December birthday so she was able to celebrate with two siblings over snow people sundaes. On Friday we went out to dinner. Tonight we will honor the birthday girl with a neighborhood fiesta. Tomorrow, on her actual birthday, we’ll wind things up!

While this would have been over the top for my two children by birth, it feels just right for my daughter who was placed in foster care at 4 months of age. Keeping all of her family connections intact is critical to her health and well-being. Interestingly enough, this cannot be accomplished by one party for the simple reason that not everyone in her family knows each other.

This is common in families where siblings are separated when removed from their homes and placed in foster care. This may seem complex to folks who have not experienced foster care adoption, but as I search the internet for the best chocolate frosting recipe ever, it simply feels what you do to celebrate your child’s double digit birthday!


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