Holiday Wishes


Big snowstorm coming down!
They say 10 – 12 inches of white powder.
A definite
White Christmas,
Snowy Hanukkah,
Candlelight Kwanzaa,
Silvery Solstice, and
Feliz Three Kings Day Celebration…

As I ponder all of the wonderful ways to
create joyous family memories this year, in between
trips outside to shovel the driveway, I see
the celebrating has already begun. There is
nothing like snow to bring out the neighborhood
collection of colorful sleds. You can hear the squeals
of delight as the kids climb aboard and head downhill..
Then there are the snow angels and assorted snow people
and animals lined up for all to see.

Entryways are lined with:
Snow Pants

And, oh what fun it is to come
inside and put your cold hands
around a cup of hot chocolate
and pick up a homemade cookie
to munch on in front of the fireplace
while you thaw out.

I had the gift of coming inside after my
third round of morning shoveling, to find
a hot cup of tea and a heartfelt
Christmas wish in my mailbox waiting for me.

The Christmas wish was from
a very dear friend and mentor – a wise woman
who has taught me so many valuable lessons about
how to be a stellar “every day mommy” to someone
who has a “tummy mommy and birth family” she loves
and wishes she could live with.

It said:

“Dear God:
The lady reading this
is beautiful, classy and
strong, and I love her.
Help her live her life to the fullest.
Please promote her and cause her to excel above her expectations.
Help her shine in the darkest places where it is impossible to love.
Protect her at all times, lift her up when she needs you the most, and
let her know when she walks with you, she will always be safe.”

The message brought tears of appreciation to my eyes.
It is such a gift to be seen and honored. I wish it for
everyone on this beautiful snowy day – those of us
who are young, those of us who are old, and those
of us who are young at heart.


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