New Year’s Resolutions


Happy New Year! Got that paper and pen handy? Ready to begin improving your life and the world?

Recently I read an article titled, “What is on Your Not To Do List for 2009?” One person wrote, “ I’m not going to go on another diet, climb Mt. Everest, learn Mandarin, make my bed every day, learn how to iron properly, or line my kitchen drawers. I will however, overlook my husband’s inability to fold towels, take my dogs to the beach more often, and be less judgmental.”

I love that list! It feels so authentic and manageable. It made me laugh. I am not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. I prefer a daily practice to a yearly one. But I could get into making this list because its Irreverent, reality based, and laced with humor. Something we could all use more of.

I began making my Not To Do List and am thoroughly enjoying myself. My family is involved in the process and we are all getting a kick out of defining what it is we do want by first identifying what it is we will not invest time and energy in.

Imagine what a great year this could be… Here’s to 2009! May we all grow, prosper, and find joy, connection, and peace in our relationships, our families, and our communities. May Treehouse and Sibling Connections flourish and find all of the fiscal support they need in order to benefit the lives of those they serve. And may each child whose life has been impacted by a foster care experience be surrounded by goodness and grace.


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