Tyler Harlow’s Ride Across America





Riding across America in 55 days is no small feat, but then Tyler Harlow is no small dreamer. On April 15th, Tyler – a third year volunteer counselor at Camp To Belong Massachusetts – began his epic bicycle journey from Boston to San Francisco to raise money for Camp To Belong MA and awareness about the importance of keeping sibling connections intact for the 800,000 young people placed in the public foster care system.

Tyler is truly an inspiration to us all. His love of the kids, his dedication to our year-round sibling connection initiative, and his willingness to get out there and share his passion with the country is the highest honor he can bestow upon siblings who have been separated. His actions shout, “You are worthy of our time and investment!” It doesn’t get any better than that…

On April 16th, at the end of his second day on the road, he cycled down Button Road and onto Treehouse Circle. CTB MA campers, CTB MA counselors, and Treehouse community members cheered and waved colorful signs, banners and pom poms.

After giving him a Hero’s Welcome, we ate pizza, played some of our favorite camp games, and celebrated his birthday with some delicious birthday cake before sending him on his way with our very best wishes!

Check out these photos. They capture the essence of CTB MA and show why a young man would hop on his bike and ride 3,000 miles to help kids create some joyous shared memories with their siblings. This is a group of really fun counselors!

Go to siblingconnections.com to find out how you can support Tyler’s Ride Across America!


One response to “Tyler Harlow’s Ride Across America

  1. It is so wonderful to see what Tyler is doing…as a supervisor with the State of Wisconsin Special Needs Adoption Program, we are constantly advocating for sibling placements. We know how important it is for kids to keep those life long connections. Kids are often striped of everything that is them when when they enter to public child welfare system. They leave behind their families, their school, their friends, their “stuff”, their pets…all of the things they cherish. Many times they are seperated from their siblings. It is a loss that is oftentimes too much to bear for kids. They respond to these great losses in so many different ways….we must do what we can every day to keep these losses to a minimun….we must advocate for kids to stay with their siblings…we must be the voices for these kids who cannot speak for themselves…thank you Tyler for your courage and dedication to the children in the foster care system….I will be cheering for you and keeping you and your journey in my heart every day…

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