True Story


True Story: 10 years ago TODAY I became a foster parent and my life changed in the most wonderful ways! I just got off the phone with our youngest daughter’s grandmother. Reviewing the lessons learned over the past decade with her brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart!

Becoming a foster parent and then choosing to adopt our daughter and expand our family has been one of the best life decisions I have ever made. The journey has been powerful, exciting, fun, intense, and humbling. My life has been enriched in a myriad of ways. I am a more compassionate person as a result of this set of experiences.

My extended family has grown to include my daughter’s family, my Treehouse family, my Sibling Connections family, and all of the wonderful supporters and visionaries I have met along the way. Just check out all of the smiling faces on this blog and you’ll see why I am grateful we picked up the phone and called to inquire about how to become foster parents and dedicate our life to creating new realities for young people who experience foster care in America!


One response to “True Story

  1. Judy – Has it really been 10 years? Oh my gosh, time goes fast. I am so happy you and Arthur adopted B and I am so happy that we are now one big family. Love you! Hope to see you soon.

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