A New Perspective


People are always asking me where the name Treehouse comes from. I love treehouses. They represent a childhood icon that brings a smile to the young and the young at heart. A treehouse is a place you climb up into; a place where you can find a new perspective – a more expansive view. It’s a place where you gather with friends, feeling safe and cozy, where you can dream and imagine all of life’s possibilities.

That safe cozy feeling is what those of us who live, work, and dream at the first Treehouse Community experience every day. Here, together, we’ve been given an opportunity to begin envisioning another way to nurture our children who
have experienced foster care.

Since June 2006, over 100 people, ranging in age from 4 – 90, have been living, working, and playing on Treehouse Circle. For the past three years we have been getting to know one another and in the process families and a vibrant community are being built. Relationships are being forged. Lives are changing.

At Treehouse, children with foster care histories are being surrounded by people who care about them and are actively investing in their lives. They have families, friends, and a neighborhood full of people who are wishing them well. Every day. They show up at high school graduations, school science fairs and tea parties. They help with homework, attend performances, bake cookies, and share birthday cakes.

As we enter our third year we can see that Treehouse is becoming the Center of Innovation it is meant to be. We are collaborating with partners throughout the region to weave a colorful tapestry of connections, inviting people of all ages to participate in our unique Treehouse programming. Together we are building new safety nets for children, families & elders.

More importantly, as children’s lives are being infused with caring people, they are beginning to dream. They are learning not to settle quietly for the way things were, for the way they were certain things would always be. Instead, they are dreaming of choices, options, and possibilities. And we, the adults in their lives, are there to help them explore those opportunities.

We thank all of our fabulous partners for making Treehouse a reality. We appreciate all of the wonderful donors, both individuals and foundations, who find the work that Treehouse is doing worthy of your financial support. With your continued help we will continue to honor and respect all of our children by providing them with life-long families and community connections.


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