Showing UP!


When it comes down to it, life is about showing up. Showing up for the people you care about, again and again, until you can’t show up anymore. Creating new realities for children who have experienced foster care is about showing up too. Every day on Treehouse Circle children who have experienced foster care are surrounded by adults who show up and demonstrate that they are truly invested in their well-being, their daily lives, and their futures.

Showing up is a simple concept.
At Treehouse kids who have been placed in foster care live in a beautiful neighborhood where they are surrounded by caring adults who show up every day to offer them life-long families, safety, stability, security, and support. It’s truly that simple.

Treehouse is dedicated to creating new realities for young people whose lives have been impacted by foster care. It’s about connecting kids to caring people, stellar resources, and new opportunities.

Imagine That! Instead of statistics that shout “Outcomes for youth who have been in the public foster care system are dismal!” we could replace the homeless, incarcerated, unemployed, and at-risk outcomes with life in Treehouse Communities where kids are surrounded by life-long families and invested community members who help them heal, establish safe & trusting relationships, and imagine a future filled with new possibilities.

Follow the Treehouse example. Show you care. Show up!
Treehouse …
• Family
• Community
• Support
• Positive life-long connections
• New life opportunities
• Lives well-lived
• Creating new realities for kids who experience foster care in America!

Treehouse – a model that’s worth investing in!


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