A Fabulous Example For Us All

Mel Lambert has a heart of gold. She is good, kind and generous. She gives her time, treasure and talent freely to vulnerable children and to sisters and brothers who have been separated when placed in foster care. Here is a great example of Mel in Action.

Mel recently became a Sibling Connections board member. Our primary mission is to create enduring relationships for siblings who experience foster care through innovative programs and practices. As such, she understands that it is the board’s fiduciary responsibility to raise $100,000.00 every year so that 100 sisters and brothers from all across the state can come spend time together at Camp To Belong MA. How did she approach this task??! With incredible gusto!

She threw a Dance A Thon in the shopping plaza in front of her Brockton Spa and Gym and invited the entire community to come and learn about our year-round sibling connection initiative. Who showed up? The Mayor, her dance and exercise instructors, gym members, her mom and several generations of her entire family (Mel is one of eight siblings so she truly understands what it would mean to not be connected to your sisters and brothers throughout your childhood). Her miniature ponies were there, Lambert’s Market donated food throughout the day, music was playing, people were dancing and Mel was up on the stage leading us all. It was a remarkable celebration with the focus on keeping kids connected.

One of my favorite moments of the day was looking around the parking lot and seeing campers dancing, making bracelets, and happily introducing little kids to the ponies. Mel’s mom was seated up by the stage clapping her hands and tapping her feet to the music as her daughters and grandchildren moved to Mel’s instructions. People of all ages were having a wonderful time tasting food, chatting and putting their donations in the Camp To Belong MA box.

At the end of the day, after we had walked the ponies up onto Mel’s Pony Pals trailer and swept up the last of the shavings, we stood around and shared our collective appreciation for the event. As we walked across the parking lot to our car I asked my daughter to turn around and look at Mel. “Now that is a good woman!”, I said. “She sure is!”, remarked my 11 year old daughter fully recognizing Mel’s amazing leadership and generosity. Thank you Mel! You are a fabulous example for us all.

PS.. At last count, Mel’s efforts have brought in over $10,000.00 to support Camp To Belong MA and the checks are still arriving…


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