Re-Envisioning Foster Care Initiative

Change is in the air thanks to the outstanding leadership of a wise social entrepreneur who understands the importance of investing in innovative programs and partnerships that support children experiencing foster care! As a result of her vision and generosity, Friends of Children, The Rudd Adoption Research Program at UMass Amherst and the Treehouse Foundation will come together next Monday to co-host a Re-Envisioning Foster Care Conference in western Massachusetts.


This dynamic Re-Envisioning Foster Care Initiative is designed to foster success by establishing a new model of engagement – collaborative, multi-sector gatherings that invite individuals and organizations to engage in a vital process of dialogue, reflection and action that enhances the well-being of our children in the public foster care system.

At the November 15th gathering, the Re-Envisioning Foster Care Initiative aims to create a culture of possibility and inspire additional investments in innovation that lead to positive outcomes for children
in the areas of permanency, aging out, and education.

RFC Initiative Launch:

The initiative will be launched in western Massachusetts on November 15, 2010. A multi-disciplinary group of stakeholders, including families, advocates, social workers, educators, court personnel, students, visionaries, social entrepreneurs, legislators, researchers and interested community members are invited to join the initial conversation.

The Re-Envisioning Foster Care Initiative launch and direction is informed by input and data gathered through interviews conducted with individuals invested in foster care as well as by local data collection. Building on the information gathered at the November 15th gathering, the RFC Initiative will convene again in early 2011 to continue building vibrant partnerships that serve our youth throughout the region.


The first Re-Envisioning Foster Care Conference will be held at the Delaney House in Holyoke, MA. The conference will begin at 8:30 AM and end at 4:30 PM. Our keynote speaker for the day is Daniel Heimpel of Fostering Media Connections. Daniel, an award winning journalist, is touring the country highlighting promising programs and practices that support our children in foster care.

FMC’s goal is to change the foster care narrative in the country by sharing stories of hope, connection and promise with the mainstream media. Daniel has been crisscrossing the Commonwealth for the past
three weeks, visiting with innovators who are thinking outside of the foster care box. He plans to take the Re-Envisioning Foster Care Conference model to California in spring 2011.

In addition to Daniel Heimpel, speakers and facilitators from
Casey Family Services, the Department of Children & Families,
non-profit organizations, and colleges and universities will help lead
break-out sessions and panel discussions before joining together
to formulate a Call To Action.

You are cordially invited to join us as we come together to launch this important regional initiative.

Please call 413. 586. 0011 today to register!


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