Have you Heard ?!! Spread the Word !!!

Join us!
Experience community and connection.
Right next to the Treehouse Community!
Check out the model home that is currently being built.

Our blue ribbon housing partner, Beacon Communities, is building brand new energy efficient homes! We launched the Treehouse Community with Beacon Communities in June 2006: 60 brand new rental homes built to house families who are adopting children from foster care and older adults who are interested in living in a beautiful neighborhood with people of all ages.

The Homes at Easthampton Meadow offer home buyers the opportunity to live in beautiful, new, energy efficient homes; well designed homes that offer a perfect solution for home owners who are interested in sustainable living and an engaged lifestyle.

Each two, three and four bedroom home will be constructed to maximize natural light and all homes will incorporate state of the art energy efficient construction techniques and equipment.

Although actual energy usage will vary depending on the behavior of those living in each home, these ultra-low energy efficient homes are designed to use 60% less energy than comparably sized new construction homes. If an owner decides to incorporate solar electric panels on the roof, the homes are designed to perform at a “net-zero” energy usage. This means that on an annual basis, the energy created will be close to or equal to the energy needs.

Phase One of this new neighborhood is underway. Choose from:

• 9 thoughtfully planned building sites
• 7 home designs
• Two, three and four bedroom designs ranging from 1,500 – 2,365 sq. ft.
• Prices starting at $309,900 for these ultra-low energy homes

We are excited about starting Phase Two at Treehouse. The Treehouse Foundation is dedicated to providing children in the public foster care system with life-long families and community connections through innovative programs and practices. The Treehouse Community is a cutting edge national model, founded by Judy Cockerton, a 2010 Congressional Angel in Adoption Award winner. Treehouse inspired neighborhoods are being planned in California, Washington and Maine. Another is slated to open in Oregon
some time in spring 2011.

Since 2006, Treehouse community members, partners and staff have worked together to create a vibrant neighborhood where children live with their permanent, loving families. Families receive ongoing support and elders are valued for sharing their wisdom, talents and expertise. One generation helping another. The way life ought to be.

For more information about this exciting home ownership opportunity, please contact Judy Cockerton at (413) 527-7966 or visit our website: www.treehousecommunities.org

Thank you!


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