The Value of the Suitcase Project

Today I received a note of appreciation from a social worker who has witnessed the power of the Suitcase Project firsthand. Groupon also understands it’s value. When I approached Groupon for their support they responded by creating the upcoming three day Suitcase Project Campaign for Groupon Boston and Worcester. Please help us make the most of this incredible opportunity. Honor children and youth placed in foster care on September 27, 28 & 29 by sharing this blog post and the Suitcase Project flyer with everyone you know. Then make a contribution! Read on to find out why your participation is so important:

“At our DCF office, I have never seen a child enter foster care carrying their belongings in anything other than a plastic trash or grocery bag. Not only are the children entering foster care losing touch with their families, school chums and neighborhood pals, they are also carrying their personal items in a way that most people view as “trash”. However, what is inside that bag means the world to the child. In that “trash bag” are the few things they were able to take from the only home they have ever known.

Our Office of DCF currently has nearly 400 children in foster care. On any given day we have had as few as one child enter foster care to as many as 15. Our children in foster care range in age from newborns to 22 year olds finishing up college and / or technical schools.

Over the past year The Suitcase Project has provided an amazing number of beautiful new suitcases, duffle bags and backpacks to our children entering foster care as well as those, who for a variety of reasons, must relocate to a different foster home.

The children, as they receive their beautiful new suitcases, are truly in awe. The same can be said for their social workers. I have seen children jump up and down with glee. I have seen tears of happiness. I have seen looks of disbelief that someone has given them something so wonderful to hold their possessions in.”


2 responses to “The Value of the Suitcase Project

  1. Please read and share. Amazing that I never took into consideration what foster children really go thru…even though I am one myself! Thank you Judy for all your incredible work improving the lives of our foster children. You are helping save their childhood, filling it with beautiful memories they will want to keep!

  2. Very impressed by your energy and innovative thinking. Would love to hear about the logistics involved in spreading the Suitcase Project to other regions in Massachusetts.

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