Father’s Day

Father’s Day in our family this year meant “Happy Father’s Day” phone calls & creative presents from our two oldest in San Francisco and Chicago. Our seventh grader gave thirteen little presents to her dad. She decided that since he’s been her Everyday Dad for thirteen years, he deserved one fun momento to honor each year of their father-daughter relationship.

As we were chatting about what might be good options, we discussed his varied interests: photography, tennis, cooking, music, reading, movies, travel. We made a list of playful accoutrements that go along with each interest and what was in our budget. We sifted through thirteen years of father-daughter memories and fondly recalled various “Dad Moments”.

When the list was finalized, she reminded me that we had run out of dog food. I volunteered to go pick some up at the store. While they were editing some photos she recently took on his computer, I slipped out the door with the list in my pocket.

On my way to the store I felt deeply grateful for my daughter’s cleverness and my partner’s steadfast parenting. This is a Dad we can all count on. For the past thirty one years he has shopped, cooked, cleaned, folded laundry, dropped off, picked up, went to work, came home, mowed the lawn, raked the leaves, shoveled the driveway, supported each one of his children’s passions, shared his interests, taught the kids about east coast customs that native Californians are clueless about (ice skating, sledding, shoveling, layering, seasonal closet changes), and took beautiful photos of them all.

That’s what Everyday Dads do. They show up, care deeply, and make sure that each one of their children feel strong, loved and successful. They earn those Father’s Day presents and so much more!


One response to “Father’s Day

  1. So true! There are opportunities for more people to become “everyday parents” through fostering: http://www.kidspeace.org/blog.aspx?id=3736&blogid=104 It could just make all the difference in the life of a child.

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