DMC at Camp To Belong MA Summer 2007  


“We are the fortunate children…we got taken home.  There are many children who did not.  There are many children growing up without parents, in the foster care “system” or with parents who aren’t really equipped.  These children do not have the opportunities we had, or parental hands to guide and support them as we did.

We want to give to these children.   We want to give them what so many of us are lucky enough to take for granted…new opportunities … new adventures.”
Darryl “DMC” McDaniels

I first joined Camp To Belong MA in the summer of 2007. As soon as the children stepped off of their buses I knew I was joining a wonderful extended family.  While we had prepared a week of exciting activities for the campers, these events were all secondary for the children. More than basketball games, scavenger hunts, and birthday parties, the campers wanted to spend time together as siblings. It was such a gift for them to be able to eat dinner together, to sit under the night sky and watch for falling stars, and to forget, for a minute, the heart wrenching experiences that separated them from each other. I particularly remmber the boys in my cabin asking me if I would set the alarm for 6:00 AM – two hours EARLY – so that they wouldn’t sleep through any of their time together. 
Sibling Connections Volunteer

Camp To Belong MA is amazing! I have never been in an atmosphere that promoted such positive engagement. The counselors all seem to have a mutual understanding and passion for being part of the greater cause and the kids are unbelievable too! Being around them makes me feel young and vivacious, and that is a reward that I will take with me forever. I look forward to being a part of this program for many years to come, and hope I can give back as much as this program has given me!
Sibling Connections Volunteer

The best part about Camp To Belong MA and Sibling Sundays for me is the fact that the children we serve, kids who have had very challenging beginnings, look like typical siblings when we are together. They are simply brothers and sisters having a great time with one another. They understand that all of us volunteer our time and WANT to be with them. We care deeply and truly enjoy the company of such wonderful young people. The kids respond to the atmosphere of acceptance with gratitude. They feel respected,  safe, and cared about. They belong. It feels great for all of us, adults and kids alike, to be part of something this wonderful!
Sibling Connections Volunteer

Summing up my emotions towards Camp To Belong MA in just a few lines is no easy task. For starters, this program has without a doubt changed the way I look at life. The siblings who participate in this camp are a continual touchstone of inspiration. Considering some of their stories, their strength and endurance is truly remarkable. I hold each and every camper close to my heart and look up to all of them. This program does an amazing job at meeting its mission, which is recognizing and maintaining the ever important sibling bond. It is a true honor to be part of an incredible team of people who humbly devote their time for such an amazing cause. The amount of love and devotion that goes into this program is remarkable. I see big things for the future and hope that with each camp season, we continue to grow and improve!
Sibling Connections Volunteer

My life has been enriched by working with so many other volunteers at Sibling Connections who fervently believe that it is every child’s birthright to live in a safe, loving and nurturing home.  We create year-round programs for siblings separated in foster care because we share the conviction that all children deserve happy memories and experiences with their brothers and sisters. We are committed to providing children in foster care with activities and programs that will enhance their confidence and convince them that they are worthy of the highest aspirations.

Sibling Connections Volunteer

Camp to Belong MA was by far the best part of my summer last year! The campers are amazing and the staff is a supportive network of fun, caring individuals. Since the end of camp, the monthly Sibling Sunday reunions have been a great chance to watch kids grow up and get closer to their siblings. Thank you to Sibling Connections for the opportunity to be part of this amazing organization!
Sibling Connections Volunteer


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